Monday, May 27, 2013


Being a good digital citizen is very important as we integrate technology in our classrooms. Students have easy access to technology in the classroom and it is crucial for us as educators to teach them about how to operate in the virtual world. One of the most important things that students need to learn about is responsibility in the virtual world. They need to be good citizens by using ethical guidelines when commenting on sites such as edmodo. Cyberbulling and harrassments are not accepted. To me it is also important for students to know how to navigate the internet in serach of reliable websites. Studnets need to learn how to distiguish between sites that are reliable and sites that are not. Not everything on the internet is true. Student in elementary also need to know about plagarism. When teaching about digital citizenship I plan to use the collected information and videos from SBISD as well as brainpop for a student friendly version.

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