Monday, May 27, 2013


I plan on using animoto, wordle and edmodo much more in the classroom. With edmodo students in the classroom can have easy access to all of the tools mentioned through these 11 tools. My thinking about education has changed so much. The classroom is no longer the same as it was 6 years ago when I started teaching. There are so many new resources and tools to use in the classroom to enhance learning. I use to think that using the activeboard in the classroom was more than enough technology for my classroom but I have learned from these 11 tools that there is so much more I can do. I have really enjoyed this training because it has opened my mind to new posibilities.


Being a good digital citizen is very important as we integrate technology in our classrooms. Students have easy access to technology in the classroom and it is crucial for us as educators to teach them about how to operate in the virtual world. One of the most important things that students need to learn about is responsibility in the virtual world. They need to be good citizens by using ethical guidelines when commenting on sites such as edmodo. Cyberbulling and harrassments are not accepted. To me it is also important for students to know how to navigate the internet in serach of reliable websites. Studnets need to learn how to distiguish between sites that are reliable and sites that are not. Not everything on the internet is true. Student in elementary also need to know about plagarism. When teaching about digital citizenship I plan to use the collected information and videos from SBISD as well as brainpop for a student friendly version.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tool 9

1.Our world is constantly changing and we need to change and adapt to it. Technology is a great part of the "real world" and we are suppose to prepare students for it . Integrating technology in the classroom is a tool in education that is very valuble and can reach different types of learning styles. Expectations. Students will meet expectations if they know what you expect them to do when they use technology in the classroom. Studnet should be held resposable fo rthe technology in the classroom and the assignment.I do beleive that the work in the technology station should be productive. 2. Studyladder and Mangahigh are great sites that I would like to use in my classroom during stations. Students can really benefit from the extra practice they receive in these site and I can monitor thier progress. I like it as well because I can keep students accountable for thier progress and student are having fun. 3. Apps like dictionary, translator, and thesaurus would be very helpful in my Bilingual classroom. 4. I see the students in my classroom working on their ipads to do a research project and for virtual fieldtrips.

Tool 8

I learned how to create your own account with I tunes and how to navigate through the App store. I learned that the district provides a list or group of district approved apps for the classroom that I use in my classroom. I currently have Ipads in the classroom but I wasn't sure how to use them towards productive learning and instruction but after these short videos I feel much more confident about where this kind of technology in the classroom can take me. Well, in my classroom I plan to use podcasts that my students can use to demonstrate comprehension or to teach other students about a certain topic they have researched. I would also like to download educational videos that students can use in the classroom to reinforce concepts taught in class.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tool 7

Content Objective: Creative writing. When: Next Semester What tools: Skype, Edmodo, Bookr, Storybird Plan:I would like for students to share their writing with other students around the school, district, or even the state. Students in my class love to share thier stories. Perhaps, students can also create their own book based on these stories to illustrate their story through bookr or storybird and they could share their work through edmodo.

Tool 6

Mrs. Martinez Edmodo I plan to use the edmodo site to be more in contact with my students questions, interests, and concerns. I find this site to be great to post educational videos and start interesting discussion questions. My goal for next year is to be more involved with technology in the classroom and I find this tool to be great for this. Skype: It would a great tool for students to interact with other students around the school. Such as a class discussion between two groups. These tools remind me of when I took online courses and we had a virtual classroom where live discussion occured. I don't see why we couldn't do something similar in the classroom.

Monday, April 15, 2013